Let Them Improvise!

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Gavin Rouska and Ammon Black practice a skit at the Let Them Improvise practice. Photo courtesy of  Savannah Palmer

Gavin Rouska and Ammon Black practice a skit at the Let Them Improvise practice. Photo courtesy of
Savannah Palmer

On the fertile ground of the entertainment scene that Snow College provides, the Let Them Improvise Team, also known as the LTI Team, has drawn great attention from happiness seeking students. Being the only group from the theater department without a script, the LTI Team takes pride in performing humorous skits that bring laughter and smiles to their audience.


With no script, what does go on behind the scenes of the LTI Team that brings so many students to tears of laughter?

Since 2008, the L.T.I. Team has been in the business of making people smile. Performances are usually held in the Black Box Room in the Music Building. This venue is a smaller space so the performers can better interact with each other and with the audience.

Performer Gavin Rouska said, “LTI brings a form of entertainment to the area that not many people are familiar with. It’s entertainment that requires no scripts, just the knowledge of how to play the games.” Audience members are involved by giving suggestions for unrehearsed sketches and even volunteering to perform.

From reenacting movies in a minute to composing Irish pub songs in seconds, audience members can expect the unexpected. When asked about his favorite moment from being on the LTI Team, team member Brayden Ames replied, “One of the funniest moment I have had at an LTI show was when the team and whole crowd joined in song mimicking a Boy Scout group. It was so much fun seeing everyone participate in that.” Said performer Brandon Davis “It never gets old, never!”

With team tryouts at the beginning of each semester, performers bring fresh ideas and content to the table. This semesters team has experienced veterans on team such as Daniel Harvey and Gavin Rouska, as well as new team members like Shelby Cameron. Each member comes from a different backgrounds and thus brings different quirks and humor to the team.

New team member Shelby Cameron said, “My favorite thing is that I now have a group of really funny, fantastic, caring, and talented people I can call my friends.” This team unity comes from practice. The LTI Team practices every Monday and Wednesday night to prepare team members for the heat of the moment. During their practices, the team does exercises and games that help them with character work, scene building, physical comedy, and improvisation skills.

When asked how the Let Them Improvise Team has grown since its founding in 2008, Rouska replied, “Over the past 8 years, LTI has become more than just a bunch of people getting up and telling jokes. We’ve become a team that supports each other and works together to create an entertaining show that the audience can come to, to forget their problems, and can just laugh and have a good time.”

The Let Them Improvise Team looks forward to their final shows on December 8th, 9th, and 10th. To find out more about the Let Them Improvise Team, students can visit their Facebook page titled “Let Them Improvise.”

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