Let’s Be Honest – Episode 6

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Welcome to the last episode of Let’s Be Honest for this semester. This semester has been filled with exciting answers and brain teasing questions. Thanks to all the students who participated in answering these questions, because they are the ones that made this possible.

The first question of this week was what is your favorite color? Julianne said “My favorite color is yellow.” Her reason behind liking the color yellow was the reason that it is a happy color

This year has gone by so fast. So many memories have been made. The second question was what has been your favorite memory from these past two semesters at Snow College? Deborah Nelson said that she really enjoyed first semester’s intermural softball. “It was a blast, and I loved my team. We always had victory parties after.”

Summer is right around the corner. What are some of the plans that you have for your summer vacation? Meagen McKell told us that over the summer she is going to California with her aunt. On their trip they will visit sea world, the zoos and just hang out.

We all like to watch tv, for the last and final question what is your favorite tv show? Tyler Jones says that he enjoys watching once upon a time because he really likes Disney and he likes the spins they put on the classicals.

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