Letter to the Editor: Social Media Fast

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Photo courtesy of bluecollarliving.jamesdibben.com

Photo courtesy of bluecollarliving.jamesdibben.com

My Fellow Snow College Students-

How many times you have checked your phone today? I want you to think in depth about this question. How many tweets you have sent out, how many pictures have you liked, how many videos have you watched, texts have you sent, calls have you made, or even just opened your phone out of boredom?

It’s pretty crazy, isn’t it? The amount of time we all spend on our digital devices, using social media as an escape from the world around us. Our generation is the victim of digital addiction, and it is beginning to show in the amount of time that is spent on these devices every single day. I have noticed myself becoming overwhelmed by the amount of time spent tweeting, posting to instagram, snap-chatting, or even just texting. Not only does it become tiring for ourselves, but others around us as well. People are craving your company.

This holiday season, I would like to invite all of you to break loose, and be social media free. I do not necessarily mean to delete your social media accounts or to throw away your phones, but to take a break from the digital world and to reconnect with the real world. The holidays are meant for quality time with loved ones, to catch up, to laugh, and to celebrate. That being said, why should we be wasting any of that precious time on our small digital devices? Don’t get me wrong, social media is great to share pictures, ideas, and to stay in touch. I believe that it is extremely important to today’s society, however, the amount of time spent on it can and should be reduced.

I believe that the best gift we can give this holiday season is our presence, and would like each of you to join me in this social media fast over Christmas break. Let’s not let digital touch replace human touch.

Happy Holidays,

-Brooklyn Harmon

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