Letters to the Editor

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Photo courtesy of ohiocitizen.org

Photo courtesy of ohiocitizen.org

Dear Editor,
As a new student at Snow College I am most impressed by its excellent teachers, policies and the sense of community that is prevalent here.
If it where not for the proverbial fly in the ointment I do believe I could say things were just about perfect.
Unfortunately a problem has come to my attention. A problem I am sure many others have experienced through the years. A problem that I hope will never be a problem again for those who attend in the future.
What is this problem you may ask, badger bucks. I am a hypoglycemic with several food allergies and my diet is pretty strict. Therefore I make all my own food. It is for this reason that I was determined to get a cooking apartment here on campus.
Upon further discussion with the housing office here on campus I discovered that even though I would be in a cooking apartment I would still be required to buy a meal plan. I was then told that if I could not eat the food in the badger den I could order my ingredients from them using my badger bucks.
This somewhat mollified me until I gave it further thought. For me my diet is extremely particular down to the brand and the amount. To trust someone else to get these ingredients is a huge leap of faith as well as an inconvenience for all involved.
I recently had a talk with the woman who does the ordering for the Badger den. She told me as a mother she was outraged at the system. She could not understand why I should have to buy through her, which would cost more and be more work, when it would be more cost effective and convenient for all involved if I were to just run to Wal-Mart.
She then went on to explain that for every carton of almond milk I needed they had to order a whole case. If I was the only one using almond milk the rest of it would go to waste. This would cost both the school and I more money then if I had not been required to buy badger bucks in the first place.
It doesn’t take a mathematician to figure out that if I need one of a certain item and in order to get that item it is necessary to order a case of six. Five will go to waste. Who is paying for the five? Is it me? I am a college student sharing a fridge with four other college students even if I could offered to buy my food in bulk I would have no place to keep it. So then the school? Are they even willing to do so? Even if they are not they must still inevitably take on a heavy burden to their employees and as we know if the employees aren’t happy nobodies happy. Why waste their valuable time? How then does this system benefit anyone?
Personally I think requiring anyone to buy badger bucks who lives in a cooking apartment is a bit redundant and intrusive, but for those like me who cannot eat whatever is on the menu that day, it is inhumane.
Should we starve because someone wants to make a few more badger bucks? Something has to change. On behalf of all you who struggle with dietary issues I ask that action be taken to correct this oversight.
Respectfully, Rebecca Morey

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