Where To Go After Snow?

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Some Snow students hold up signs telling what they will be doing after they graduate from Snow. Photo by Hannah Branch

Some Snow students hold up signs telling what they will be doing after they graduate from Snow.
Photo by Hannah Branch

As a Snow student, you have focused so long on just passing all your classes and the excitement of graduation, but now you’re almost a college graduate and heading into the “real world.” What do you do with the stress and anxiety that comes along with an uncertain situation, if you haven’t already snagged a job or applied to a four year school?

With graduation only two months away, many sophomores are starting to hit the panic button about their post-Snow plans. If you don’t know what you’re doing yet, graduation can definitely be daunting to think about. Whether you are going to a university, traveling, working, or you haven’t decided. This can all be stressful and there are lots of options on what to do. During this stressful time, it’s important to make sure you have some tricks to calm nerves.

First, look at your options. Feeling a little bit discouraged is totally normal. There are a lot of options on where to go after Snow and you can start to feel very pressured. Some people want to continue their education while others want to take a break. A good idea is to make a plan of action that can map out what you’re going to be doing for the next few months or years of your life. Armando, a student at Snow who is transferring to Southern Utah University says, “When you feel stressed go and enjoy nature, don’t sit in a library killing yourself.  Go and enjoy the beauty that we have been given.”

Second, keep things in perspective because it may seem like you are the only person who doesn’t have anything planned yet.  You’ll find others who feel the same exact way. You may have only noticed the students who have already been admitted to universities or have jobs lined up, but there are many others without a concrete plan. Santiago Santos, a sophomore at Snow says, “I’m excited, yet nervous about graduating because I have enjoyed my time here at Snow. I am excited about what the futures holds for me.” He plans on attending Utah State next year.

Third, RELAX! You may feel like it is just around the corner but remember you are under no time crunch. Relax about the situation and then decide. There are lots of opportunities that you can take advantage of and it’s all a matter of what you want. “My family keeps telling me to relax because a lot of graduates don’t have a job lined up right away,” says Nicole. “I’ve finally realized it’s ok if I take a couple of months off while I live at home and apply places.” It’s normal to be somewhat stressed about what you’re going to be doing after college, but driving yourself crazy over it isn’t going to help anything.

Breanna is currently on her final semester at Snow College and majoring in Communication,emphasizing in Public Relations. School involvement is very important to her so she is actively involved on campus between working in Student Success, a Student Body Advocate, multiple clubs, and writing for the Snowdrift. She considers herself a caffeine dependent life form who is usually found with a Pepsi in hand and if not it's in her backpack. Breanna has more shoes, specifically Vans that she is usually wearing and always paired with matching socks. Yankees are the best, end of discussion.

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