Life as an Ambassador: Jake Clayton

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“Do the hard things. You need to do the hard things in order to get the best things.” This is the life motto of Jake Clayton.

Some Snow students identify him as “Jake the Ambassador”, while others recognize him as “Jake from State Farm”. Those who know this man best simply call him “Jake”.

Jake Clayton grew up in Fairview, Utah and attended North Sanpete High School.  After graduating, he served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Denver, Colorado. He then decided to stay close to home and become an ambassador while attending Snow College.

At first glance, Jake may come off as a serious and quiet person, but as you get to know him, he opens up and likes to have a good time. However, this doesn’t mean Jake forgets his purpose when it comes to education. He can usually be found studying for his next chemistry exam when he is not helping with SnowBlasts or planning other various campus events.

Kate Johnson, a friend of Jake, describes him saying, “He is a very smart man who is very driven when it comes to his studies.”

Jake gets his work ethic from his dad Rich.  Rich is a construction worker who taught Jake to work hard physically and to never give up.  Jake said that his dad is also the person who he looks up to the most in life.

Rich’s influence was described by Jake when he said, “He would lead by example instead of telling us to do something.  He was also a type of person that would look out for others and help them by doing things such as getting up early to shovel their sidewalks.  My dad is known for his integrity which is something that is very important to me.”

Jake gained the desire to be an Snow College ambassador in high school as a North Sanpete Hawk.  He loved how close the students got to work with the faculty. He also enjoyed helping  students from an “inside” perspective.

His love for helping students has carried over to his days as a Badger.  Jake’s favorite part of his leadership position at Snow are the SnowBlasts.  Although it is an exhausting job, he likes to encourage kids to have a fun time and experience the wonderful life at Snow College.

A word of advice Jake would give to the students at Snow would be, “You only live once so don’t screw it up. Work hard and things will pay off in the future.  We all have so much potential, we just have to learn to realize that potential.”

You can always count on Jake to have fun and work hard to set an example for those around him.

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