Life as a Snow College Student Athlete

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Deontae Ben #17 fights off his opponent for the soccer ball in hopes to score. Photo by Lillian Wade.

College comes with a lot of responsibilities and stress. Being a student athlete doubles that. Collegiate athletes have to balance practice and games along with the usual college life of homework and friends. 

Athletes are expected to attend class, do homework, go to practices and workouts daily and go to study hall once a week. When asked if it was worth it to put up all the hardships that come with being a student athlete, softball player, Mady Lackey says, “I think it’s worth it because being a college athlete is a once in a lifetime experience so it’s worth the extra work.”

Although at times being a student athlete may be very difficult it also comes with some perks. A lot of athletes get some scholarship money that covers things such as tuition, housing, food, and other things. They also get Snow College gear and get to do a lot of traveling for games. 

Cheerleader Aubree Lambert says, “The funnest thing about being a student athlete is all the new friends I get to make.”

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