Living with Acquaintances

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When people think of the word “roommate,” they don’t think of some acquaintance that they happen to live with and see every day, but a person that they could become great friends with.  

Some people don’t have the best relationships with their roommates and that can make things awkward at their apartment.  With the arrival of new roommates at the start of this semester, it may help to start some new traditions to become closer as roommates.  These are just a few ideas to help get things started.  

Sadie Pitcher enjoys a game night with her roommates as one of their bi-weekly traditions. Photo by Kilee Christensen

Let Them Improvise (LTI) Keyboardist, Michael Morrise said, “my roommates love to do karaoke nights.  They have me play songs of all genre on my keyboard, and then they sing along.”  A keyboard is not required to play this game, though.  Karaoke versions of songs are available on YouTube and can be played with the lyrics displayed on the screen.  It is a good way to break the ice between people.  They can be as silly or as serious as they want, and they have the freedom to express themselves.  

While some people prefer loud and active events such as dance parties or karaoke, others prefer a more relaxed activity like going to get frozen yogurt at Yo Crazy or watching a movie.  Snow College student Amy Marsden said, “doing puzzles together just became a thing in our apartment.  We’d bring really big puzzles and sit around the table and talk or listen to music while we did them.  We’d even invite our upstairs neighbors down to do them with us.”  Sharing stories and favorite things is the best way to get to know others better.   

Getting to know the people in a college community can greatly help with the environment in that space and can build new and lasting relationships.  Many people have found life-long friends in those they share housing with.  It is important for a person to know and understand those around them on a level greater than acquaintances.  Saying the occasional “Hi, how are you?” with no other conversation and secluding themselves in their rooms makes it nearly impossible to make friends and understand those around them.  Students at Snow should consider to advantages to building long-lasting relationships with their roommates and take the initiative to start new traditions with them.  

Kilee Christensen is a sophomore at Snow College and is graduating in the spring of 2018 with plans to major in Elementary Education. In May of 2016, Kilee graduated from Maple Mountain High School with High Honors and enjoyed her time as a member of many different organizations while there. Kilee served as a member of the Snowdrift’s Senior Staff and volunteered at a local daycare during her sophomore year at Snow College. Kilee treasures any reason to hang out with kids, watch movies, take pictures, or dive into a good book.

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