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Have you nominated yet?  Each year Snow College faculty and staff are looking for outstanding students, nominated by their peers and instructors, to become candidates and recognized in one of the Lorenzo Snow Awards.  These awards have been given out annually, to students who have enriched campus life through their unique styles, personalities, and contributions.

“We are looking for students who have contributed significantly to Snow College this year,” explained Vice President, Craig Mathie, “whether they be club leaders, athletes, employees, or exceptional students. If you know someone who fits this criteria, we’d like for you to nominate them.”

There are 10 categories to choose from which include Volunteer Service, Student Employee of the Year, Club of the Year, Intramural Athlete of the year, Female Varsity Athlete of the Year, Male Varsity Athlete of the year, Inspirational Student, Man of the Year, Woman of the year, and Badger of the Year.  

Also, top students are recognized by their instructors from the Business and Applied Technologies, Fine Arts, Communications and New Media, Humanities, Natural Science and Mathematics, and Social and Behavioral Sciences Divisions.

The final recognition is the prestigious Lorenzo Snow Award named after its’ founder.  This is given to a student who through dedication and disciplined effort has exercised his or her talents and abilities in an extraordinary manner showing excellence in academics, character, and community participation.  

Nominations may be submitted until January 31st., 2019, by visiting the Snow College website and submitting www.snow.edu/awards. The winners will be chosen, and awards will be presented on the night of Monday, April 15, 2019in the Greenwood Student Center.

Education: Associate of Science; Snow College Bachelor of Science; Utah State University Masters Arts in Professional Communication; Southern Utah University Emphasis: Interpersonal Communications and Journalism

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