Lorenzo Snow Awards

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Everyone loves to be appreciated for their hard work and achievements, whether it’s for a good grade, a trophy, or even  community service. In academics, there are awards known to everyone like honor roll, AP Scholar, or the dean’s list; but for the most part, it just means having to take extra classes. For Snow College students seeking recognition or wanting to give recognition, there is a program in place.

The Lorenzo Snow Awards is a long-standing program that recognizes outstanding students, clubs, employees, and athletes at Snow. These awards are named after the namesake of Snow College – Lorenzo Snow – who, according to Snow College’s website, “was a man who believed in personal accountability and excellence”. Though it is important, the Lorenzo Snow Awards isn’t widely known to students at Snow College. The most important thing to know about the awards is that the students themselves can nominate who they think deserves to be acknowledged for their hard work. 

To nominate someone for the Lorenzo Snow Awards, one must simply go to the Snow College website (snow.edu), and search for “Lorenzo Snow Awards”.  Some of the categories for nomination include Badger of the Year Award, Inspirational student Award, Varsity Male Athlete Award, and Varsity Female Athlete. The Lorenzo Snow Award itself is the highest honor at Snow College, and students who earn this award show excellence in all that they do and have a high accountability for themselves.

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