Lorenzo Snow Awards

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The Lorenzo Snow awards are a very high honor to receive.

Named after Lorenzo Snow, these awards focus on 8 categories, Badger of the Year Award, Man/Woman of the Year Award, Varsity Male/Female Athlete of the Year Award, Intramural Athlete of the Year Award, Volunteer Service Award, Club of the Year Award, Inspirational Student Award, and Student Employee of the Year Award.

According to Snow’s website, “Lorenzo Snow, was a man who believed in personal accountability and excellence. The Lorenzo Snow Awards Night is a chance for Snow College to acknowledge and award excellence in our students.” There were many students who were nominated for each category, and now the applications are being reviewed by the selection committee to discover finalists.

The awards night will be held on April 10th this year. Although nominations are closed for this years awards, Badgers can still support their fellow students by coming to the awards night and cheering them on.

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