Los Hermanos de Los Andes and Peter Breinholt Performs at Convocation

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Los Hermanos de Los Andes performed traditional Latin Music and Peter Breinholt performed his own songs at Convocations.
The Convocations class that is offered here at Snow College hosts many well-known people who present a message to all that attend. On Thursday, September 29th, Los Hermanos de Los Andes, a musical group that performs traditional Latin music came to Convocations. During the performance, each artist would say something in between the songs.

They explained that the group was formed when they met each other at Brigham Young University, and the artists explained how they watched each other because everyone in the group was playing by ear. Along with the backstory, specific instruments on the stage were named through the performance such as the pan flute.
Another artist who recently performed at Convocations this past Thursday was Peter Breinholt. Peter Breinholt is a popular artist who now lives in Salt Lake with his family. Breinholt taught himself how to play the piano, guitar, and drums; in his performance, he spoke of how he would learn just enough to write songs.

Among the hand full of songs that he performed, Breinholt performed one song that he has given to Our Underground Railroad. At the end of the performance, when Breinholt asked if there were any questions that the audience had, he was met by the response of a want for another song, and he complied.

Photo courtesy of history.lsd.org

When asked for her thoughts about the performance, Snow student Brynnlee Savage said that she expected the performance to be country, but that, “I really enjoyed it. It was really interesting to learn about his experience and his music.”

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