Luck of the Irish

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As February comes to a close, love and romance is set aside and the Irish come out to party. St. Patricks day is a holiday celebrated every March, but what is the story surrounding St Patrick’s day?

First, St. Patrick wasn’t Irish, he was actually British. He was kidnapped at the age of 16 by pirates, spending six years with them. During this time, he decided that when he was freed he would bring Christianity to Ireland. St. Patrick was also said to have been a very powerful individual.

According to, “Legend has it that Patrick stood on an Irish hillside and delivered a sermon that drove the island’s serpents into the sea.” In reality the serpents left due to the beginning of an ice age because it was too cold for the snakes to live there. The fabled day lands on March 17, the day St. Patrick died. 

In original celebrations it was a day to feast. Back then they mainly feasted on a traditional type of bacon similar to ham. When Irish immigrants came to America they started to use the shamrock, as St. Patrick did, to explain the concept of the holy trinity (the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost) as the symbol for the holiday. The color green was added from the Irish flag to support Irish independence. 

Now the shamrock and color green are associated with luck.  Although some of the stories may have been exaggerated, and the traditions have changed, it still has a lot of meaning for the people who choose to celebrate it.

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