Main Street Floods With Badger Pride

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Snow College's clubs get  their floats ready and lined up for the parade.  Photo by Brynnlee Nelson.

Snow College’s clubs get their floats ready and lined up for the parade. Photo by Brynnlee Nelson.

On Saturday, September 26, the homecoming festivities kicked off with a parade down Main Street. Community members and students watched as floats lined Main Street representing Snow College’s Badger pride.

Snow College’s Ambassadors encouraged students to show their school spirit by handing out stick-on orange mustaches. When asked why he took part in the parade, Snow College Ambassador, Austin Francis said, “It’s my duty as a Snow College Ambassador to spread fun, and the parade does just that. Also, everyone should be prepared to see lots of orange mustaches!”

The parade also presented opportunities for clubs to advertise their organization by expressing themselves through colorful floats and posters. Feliciamere Elisara, member of the Polynesian club, said, “This is the first year we have had a Polynesian club at Snow College, so this was a great way to advertise our club and also represent our culture.” When asked about the decorations on the Polynesian float, Elisara said, “The members of the Polynesian club are from different Samoan cultures. As a group, we all pitched in a few ideas for the decorations. This way we were able to represent all of the different members and their cultures.”

As well as the variety of floats, a parade wouldn’t be complete without the marching band. Drumline member, Stacia Dastrup said, “The best thing about marching in the parade was hearing the music come together only after a few rehearsals with the whole pep band. It’s especially cool in drumline when everything just clicks. As a band, everybody has to play their part right or it affects everyone involved. One of our goals, as the pep band, is to pump up school spirit and draw people together with the same thing we are drawn together by – music.”

All of the members and components of the parade played a role in showing the spirit and support that we as Snow College Badgers have for our school.

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