Making Good on Campaign Promises

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On Monday, President Trump signed his first three presidential memoranda, setting a significant tone for his presidency. The three orders are calling for a withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, reinstating the Mexico City Policy on abortion, as well as putting a hold on all federal hiring, except for the military.


With these orders, President Trump is setting the tone for his future presidency. Throughout his campaign Trump vowed to withdraw from the Pacific trade deal (known as the TPP) as soon as he became President. The TPP was a trade agreement negotiated by former President Obama, but never fully ratified by congress.


The Mexico City policy has been put in place or repealed by every President since it was created by Ronald Reagan in 1984. There have been rumors and tweets saying “Trump has out-lawed abortion” but this is not the case. The policy states that foreign nongovernmental organizations that receive federal funding from the U.S. should not perform or promote abortion services.


With these new memoranda signed, Trump says that also has plans to renegotiate NAFTA as well as repeal the Affordable Care Act.

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