Man’s Best Friend; Depression’s Worst Enemy

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Photo by: Tessa Thornley

For students recovering from traumatic events or coping with depression and for students who simply want to make a furry friend—Remi the counseling dog is happy to help.

Remi (short for Remington) is an adopted black lab who is being trained as a therapy dog at Snow College’s Health and Wellness Center.  She is available every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30 to 4:00 for any student to visit her.

According to Allen Riggs, Snow College counselor and Remi’s caretaker, she is a valuable asset to the school.  He said, “She’s a good support to help with stress.”  Explaining why he picked Remi, Allen described her as a caring dog that is sensitive to the feelings of other people.

After being rescued from the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, she has become a help and a stress relief for the students around her.  Allen says she even sympathizes with how students feel—she has been known to go out of her way to comfort someone who is grieving.

Remi is still in her puppy phase which gives her a tendency to jump and play.  When she has grown more mature and finished her training, she will be fully certified for therapy—making her a twenty-thousand dollar dog.

While Remi can be found every Tuesday and Thursday in the Counseling and Wellness Center, she will also be in the Greenwood Student Center during finals week.  Anyone who needs to de-stress is encouraged to give her a visit.

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