March Madness Comes to a Close at Snow College

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With March Madness coming to an end, Student Life here at Snow College threw a huge event to watch the NCAA tournament come to an end in 2019.

On Monday, April 8, a major event at the GSC was hosted to watch Virginia and Texas Tech battle it out for the top spot of the NCAA. There was hot dogs, fries, brownies and drinks for all those who attended the event.

Over 100 students attended the event. Londyn Stockwell, a Snow College student, was one of the students who attended the event. Stockwell had this to say, “I’ve never been a huge fan of basketball but I did enjoy watching it with other students.”

The two teams playing in the final were No. 3 Texas Tech, and No. 1 Virginia. Matt Norlander of CBS had this to say about the game, “A historic defensive battle… for the first time in 40 years, the national championship game will feature two schools that have never been this far before.”

Virginia won the game, 85 to 77, though both teams did quite well.

Virginia fans were extremely happy with the victory but the students here on campus enjoyed the event and many can’t wait for the tournament next year.

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