Maymester and Summer Semester Fast Approaching

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The vast majority of students only think of the traditional Fall and Spring semesters when it comes to attending class, but in reality, there are a couple other options to get class credit.

The Maymester, as the name would suggest, is a semester of school that only lasts only through the month of May. It can be useful for anybody looking to get ahead, catch up on credits, or to simply occupy the month of May. The classes are typically condensed versions of normal courses, similar to other half semester classes taken during the Fall and Spring semesters.

Summer Semester starts at the beginning of May and runs through the end of July. It is seen as the same as Fall or Spring semester. Like Maymester, summer semester offers students a productive way to fill their summers with education and get ahead, or catch up on their credits. Both options can be great for those who either don’t have a job over the summer, or for those who don’t need one.

For those interested, both Maymester and Summer Semester start on May 1. Tuition and fees are due on May 3 for Maymester and on May 5 for the full Summer Semester. Housing options range from staying on-campus or living in the various apartment complexes around town, just like the normal school year, with slightly varied pricing.


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