Meeting the Needs of Diverse Students

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With around 120 students from 40 countries and a number of diverse students, Snow College faculty and staff seek to provide an environment that is inclusive and meets the needs of individual students.
Alex Peterson, the Director of the Snow College Center for Global Engagement, noted that Snow’s commitment to international students has existed since for decades, with an International Center being founded in 1975. “We were one of the first in the Western United States to have an intensive English program at a Community College.”
When it comes to inclusion and diversity at Snow, Peterson said that “It’s a continuous job. It’s not like you can do a presentation and talk to people and then it’s done and we’re inclusive.” He noted that conversations are continually had with professors, SBA’s and RA’s to help them understand the needs of students from different perspectives.
Savannah Palmer, a junior at Snow College,“As a Cultural Anthropology major, I love talking to international students about their different cultures and perspectives. I think students should seek to understand others cultures, so that they will be able to have greater respect and understanding for those around them.”
Palmer said that mutual understanding should be the goal of every single student in order to make sure that those from different backgrounds feel comfortable and included in their experience at Snow College.
In the end, Peterson said that inclusion comes down to “coming to understand the way that other people might feel” through discussing and experiencing other cultures and people.

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