Meth or Soap?

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BYU student Bryce Cazier, 21, is accused of making meth at his residence at the Rivera Apartment in Provo. Provo Police have said that they are sure what they found was indeed a meth lab.

“What gives this away that it was a meth lab is the fact it’s a meth lab,” said Provo Police Sgt. Brandon Post.

Suspicion first came from his roommates when they detected smoke coming from behind Cazier’s room. Cazier has his own room, which he always keeps locked, according to his roommates. Cazier had told his roommates that he spilled some rubbing alcohol in his room, which started the fire. When Cazier left from Salt Lake City the following day, his roommates picked the lock to his bedroom and found glass and common chemicals used for making meth.

The following Saturday there was a full investigation being conducted by the Drug Enforcement Agency.

Caziers’ attorney, Jere Reneer has stated, “This isn’t ‘Breaking Bad’ on the run. This is a kid that had legitimate hobbies that his roommates were aware of, that didn’t have enough concern through the time he was there to do anything about it. Not even enough concern after there was a fire in his room.”

Caziers’ Facebook page has said that he is studying Spanish and that he served an LDS Mission in Wisconsin. He says he enjoy helping and at- risk kids who have gone through hard times throughout their lives.

He has also said, “Two of my brothers were convicted and sent to prison during elementary school, and many members of my family fell away to drug abuse.”

His bail is currently $50,000.


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