Mural Repaired Quickly

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The mural is back up and fixed! Photo by Lillian Wade.

The suicide prevention mural at the Ephraim campus wellness center was repaired after being vandalized last month. Labor and materials for the repairs were donated by the artist, Kaitlin Hansen. Kaitlin fixed the mural on Saturday the 30th of October, beginning the same day that she was given the go ahead by campus police, and less than a week since the mural had been vandalized. The mural was completed the first week of September, as a show of support to those battling with suicidal thoughts. A rainbow was included in the mural as a special show of support to the LGBTQ community, who have above average rates of suicide. The mural was found to be defaced on Monday the 25th of October, and became evidence in the subsequent investigation for the remainder of the week. With a daughter who is member of the LGBTQ community, the artist Kaitlin Hansen, was sensitive to the matter, and made it a point to remove the discriminatory anti-LGBTQ hate speech that was graffitied on the mural as soon as possible. “When you have someone who is struggling with suicidal ideation and you walk by the mural and see it [vandalized] on the way in [to the Wellness Center] its just a punch in  the gut.” said Rachel Holbrooke, the head of the Wellness Center. Campus Police have an open investigation into the incident, and have not released any details to the public. If you have any tips or leads, please contact the campus police or the Wellness Center staff. 

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