Music Department Hits The Movies

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The movie ends, the credits begin, and most of the audience has left before the credits are even halfway through. Some Snow College students might be surprised to hear that there is someone on Snow College faculty that is in the credits of many movies, including some very popular
films, such as Forever Strong.
Ted Hinckley is the man on campus that has had his fair share of contributions to the popular media. Hinckley is a music contractor, meaning he hires musicians to record and compose music for films. One recent horror film that he helped with was The Possession.
Hinckley and his clients just recently finished recording music for a film that will be in theaters on October 24. It is another horror film called Ouija, and it is rated PG 13.
Other films that Hinckley has worked on that were released this year include The Swan Princess: A Royal Family Tale, and Meet the Mormons. Ted Hinckley can be found on, but it does not include his full works as it still needs to be updated.
Hinckley has been the coordinator of the Music Business and Technology area at the Horne School of Music here at Snow College since 2012. He helps students interested in careers in the music business. If any student is seeking help, Ted Hinckley would be the man with plenty of
experience to turn to.

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