Music Dept welcomes New Professors

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David Fullmer leads the Wind Ensemble Photo by Emily Suckow

David Fullmer leads the Wind Ensemble
Photo by Emily Suckow

There’s buzzing excitement in the Eccles Center of the Performing Arts this year as returning students welcome two new professors. Dr. Michael Huff, who is taking over the choirs, and Dr. David Fullmer, the new band director, are the newest additions to the full time staff in the Horne School of Music.

Dr. Michael Huff comes from Utah State University, and is warmly welcomed by choir students over the Eccles Center. “I love Dr. Huff, and I’m so excited to continue working with him!” says Charity Cooper, a choir student here at Snow.

Dr. David Fullmer, who comes to Snow from Utah Valley University, is receiving the same kind of welcome from band students in the Eccles Center. “Dr. David Fullmer is exactly the director this band needed,” says Cameron Wilde. “He’s a good fit for the Snow College Band.”

One of the biggest questions that can be asked when a new Fine Arts professor joins a team is this: What are they bringing to an ensemble that wasn’t there before? According to Huff, “all conductors come from a different background. It’s not that I’m bringing anything in particular, I’m just bringing me.”

Fullmer’s response to this question was similar: “The band director before me is a great man who does great work, but Dr. Larsen was spread so thin, being dean and chairman, not to mention that he was in a serious accident recently,” says Fullmer. “He has told me that he’s very grateful I can be here, where my primary focus is the band.”

Overall, the excitement in the Eccles Center can be felt just walking through the door. Jamie Baker speaks for many students when she says, “I’m very excited to work with [Dr. Fullmer] these coming years!”

Emily Suckow is a twenty year-old sophomore at Snow College. She grew up in South Jordan and graduated from Bingham High School in 2014. Being well-to do in the oboe, flute, and English horn, she was drawn to Snow for their four-year music major program, but has since switched her major and is pursuing a degree in Public Relations at this time. Emily spent her sophomore year at Snow College as Webmaster and Vice President of the Snowdrift, Snow College's student newspaper. When she was 13, Emily was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, but is currently cancer-free and loving life.

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