“My Instrument is a Laptop”

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An unlikely place to find an up and coming EDM (electronic dance music) Producer is Ephraim, Utah. If that seems too unlikely, try a student at Snow College studying EDM Production. 

Snow College’s reputable music program that has successfully introduced former students into the professional world of music, has also been Hunter Schuab’s gateway into refining his passion. 

Hunter Schuab stylishly holds a bag Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup’s

“I remember, Just Dance 3 just came out and then everybody was listening to Skrillex. It was like, 2011 or 2012. I was like, ‘this music is so weird.’” said Schuab. He further expounds on his origin story by saying, “There was a really small grey area. You either heard it and you were like, this is so cool! Or you heard it and you were like what? You didn’t know if it was music. … I thought it was so unfair that people thought it wasn’t music… There is so much theory involved in it. So genius.” 

From one song that Schuab heard on Just Dance 3, Schuab was led to learn more about solo electronic performing artists and by 7th grade, he had found his passion.

While starting his academic career, he told of his experience when talking to the music rep for Snow. “The music program is really traditional but it’s an amazing music program… So when I came in and they asked me, ‘What’s your instrument?’ I said, ‘Oh, it’s a laptop.’” Thankfully, there has been a plethora of help and support to pursue this musical dream that encapsulates Schuab’s creative passion. 

His progress has been rooted in the professor’s abilities to accommodate his unique field of musical interests. Schuab shares, “They just really got me… my piano teacher was really really keen to understand where I was coming from in my musical passion.” He continues, “… I used what I learned from staring at a keyboard for four months to pass [my Music Theory Class]. Yeah, so that’s what keeps me going. The people here. They care about what you want to do. They care about you.”

With hopes of continuing his education in music production, Schuab ads, “I don’t know how many places I can go and say, ‘Hey, I’ve been sitting on my butt making EDM for the past five years,’ and [have someone say] ‘Oh cool! Let’s get you started! Let’s get you going!’” He concludes, “[Snow College] is really cool to all their students. They really care about what you want to do and where you’re going and I really appreciated that.”

To any student looking for a way to see a dream that has been dear to their heart since they were 12 years old as clearly as Hunter Schuab has seen his, Snow College can help. As it is said, great stories start at Snow but just as well, dreams become reality at Snow.

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