N-BOMe or Smiles hits the streets of Utah

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Photo courtesy of www.percocetabusehelp.com

Photo courtesy of www.percocetabusehelp.com

A new drug has recently hit the streets of Utah, and it can be deadly. Known as N-BOMe, Smiles, or 25i, it is most commonly taken like breath strips that melt on the users tongue. The other common form is liquid drops, but the DEA has warned that it can be deadly in any form.

It popped up on the DEA’s radar in 2011 after several shipments were confiscated by the U.S Customs Enforcement and Border Patrol.

The drug is extremely inexpensive and is sold all over the internet, which makes it easily accessible to teens. The DEA is acknowledging that the drugs are being obtained through unknown sources currently.

According to toxicologists who have seen the effects firsthand, N-BOMe is as potent as methamphetamine and LSD combined.

In a recent interview with KSL, Utah Control Center’s executive director Barbara Crouch said, “These seem to be a little bit more potent and more toxic than some of the other [drugs] that we’ve seen.” While the Utah Poison Control Center has taken calls related to these drugs, there have not been any fatalities.

Between 2011 and 2013, the reports of N-BOMe are most prevalent in Georgia, the Carolina’s Minnesota, Wisconsin and Louisiana. Utah was on the bottom of the list.

On Friday November 15, 2013, all three components that make up this drug were listed as illegal under the Controlled Substance Act for two years.


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