Nail Biter In Scottsdale

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Quarterback Alex Kuresa rolls out for the pass

Quarterback Alex Kuresa rolls out for the pass

For the second time this year, Snow College lost in a thrilling fashion to the Scottsdale Fighting Artichokes.

These teams ended up playing each other in the first round of the Western States Football League (WSFL) playoff by decision of a coin toss. Three teams in the division, Snow, Scottsdale, and Arizona Western all sported a 7-1 record, making it a three-way tie for first place.

Seeding for the playoff was decided by a coin toss the Sunday after the Snow vs. Pima game. Arizona Western won, becoming the No. 1 to play No. 4 Glendale (5-3). This seeding resulted in an epic rematch for Scottsdale to face Snow again in a matchup of the 2 and 3 seeds.

The game was a huge match of tug and war, filled with hard hits and scrappy play. No team could quite take the upper hand. Both teams made a lot of mistakes, and eventually there were too many for Snow to overcome. After throwing four interceptions and missing three extra points, the Badgers fell by one point in a 43-42 heart-wrencher.

Alex Kuresa threw a pair of TD’s and Stephen Shepard and Darrell Milburn ran for two scores each. The defense played well, intercepting the Scottsdale quarterback twice and sacking him four times, but ended up allowing 582 passing yards. This loss will pit Snow against Glendale for third place in the region. That will be played on Nov. 8, at a neutral site, in Eager, Arizona. Following that game, the NJCAA will announce a bowl game for Snow.

Carson Hoch is a sophomore at Snow College. He comes from West Jordan and had never been part of a newspaper or yearbook staff until coming to Snow. He is a business major and plans on going to Brigham Young University for the next step in his education. This is the first year Carson has been on Senior Staff for the Snowdrift as the Website Coordinator. Carson was inspired to join the newspaper because he’s always had a love for sports and wanted to get a glimpse of the journalism side. A dream of his is to get called at half time to shoot the half-court shot. He’s entered every game he’s been to, but has never been selected. Yet.

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