Need a New Netflix Show to Watch?

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Iyonna Herbert, wearing a Stranger Things tee, highly recommends this thrilling show, especially after finishing a long grind of homework. Photo by Taylor Davies

Sometimes it can be good to take a break from all the homework, sit back, relax, and watch a little Netflix. 

Snow College student’s share their favorite Netflix shows: Vampire Diaries, Criminal Minds, Grey’s Anatomy, New Girl, and Stranger Things.

Vampire Diaries is an eight season long TV show about two vampire brothers, Stephen and Damon, who come back to their hometown, Mystic Falls and begin battling for affection from a teenage girl named Elena. Madi Huppe, a Freshman at Snow, claims she loves Vampire Diaries because of, “the hot guys, especially Damon.”

Criminal Minds is a TV show with 15 seasons, but only 12 of those seasons are available on Netflix. Criminal Minds about a team of profilers working for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and their adventures solving serial killer cases. 

Grey’s Anatomy is a 17 season TV show, only 16 of those seasons are available on Netflix. Grey’s Anatomy is about Meredith Grey’s personal and professional life as a doctor, what it’s like starting out from the bottom of the food chain. 

New Girl is a six season TV Show about a girl named Jess who recently got dumped and moves into an apartment with three men: Nick, Schmitt, and Winston. Jake Wakefield shares, “New girl is a great show to turn on for background noise when cleaning or doing homework. You can also watch any episode of any season and laugh.”

Stranger Things is a Netflix original, right now it has three seasons out with season four in its way. Stranger Things is about a group of young teenage boys who spend their time playing Dungeons and Dragons until their friend Will goes missing. Then they meet this interesting young girl named Eleven who seems to have superpowers.

These are just a few suggestions for Netflix shows to try watching, these shows might not be for everyone.

Yarrow Johnson rocking a shirt with a reference to the action movie, The Flash. She proudly claims that it is the best superhero movie she has seen. Photo by Taylor Davies

Kaylie Webster is currently attending Snow College and hopes to attain her Associate's in Science. While at Snow, Webster is also hoping to get her Communication certificate which is one of the reasons she is apart of the SnowDrift Newspaper. After Spring of 2021 Webster will be graduating and heading off to Utah Valley University to work towards her Bachelor's in Human Resource Management.

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