Networking Night

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Nicole Day getting her professional portrait taken at Networking Night. Photo by Jarom Christensen

Snow College campus is full of opportunities, and recently has been no exception. January 29 was a networking night put on by the business department. It consisted of employers, universities, and a free professional photographer for personal portraits. 

The GSC is home to every kind of event students can imagine and this time the business department kicked it up a notch. Everybody knows that life is not just about what you know, but who you know. Gaining traction in a new field might just need that one recommendation or getting hired by the right people might require specific experience. Maybe putting together the right team requires knowing who to reach out to before the process even starts. 

What may seem just a common philosophy in business is very aligned with the reality of life. Many people have the creativity and drive it takes to change the world, but they just don’t know where to start. That’s why opportunities like this are so critical. Students from all around the world had the opportunity to meet with professionals in the construction, agriculture, and healthcare industries, delegations from graduate programs, and even the IT department. 

On top of these stellar arrangements, students got to talk to each other and share ideas. The most successful professional circles run this way and Snow students are lucky to have such a great launching ground. The department won’t stop here however, they have several more events including bootstrap your business on Febraury 27. Don’t miss out on any new events!

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