New Policy Suggests the Olympics Returning to Utah

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A new resolution was introduced in the Utah legislature suggesting the return of the Olympic Games. The success from the 2002 Olympics has lead people to question whether the Olympics would ever be returning back to Utah.

Senate Majority Whip Stuart Adams is a big supporter of this second round idea. He explains, “I think with the venues that are here, the infrastructure that we built and the way we’ve maintained that infrastructure, there’s many who think that we’re, perhaps, ready and poised to host another Olympics.” Because so much money was put into various skating rinks, resorts and other stadiums, Utah legislators are suggesting how placing the games back in Utah will be extremely beneficial for both National and International Olympics committees. Adams also said how many Olympic level athletes already train in Utah and numerous sporting events have been held since the 2002 games; why not push for another round of something that came out successful?

Resolution SCR12 was passed through the committee unanimously on Friday February 12th. It will now be passed onto the Senate for evaluation.

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