Dr. Gary L. Carlston

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Photo courtesy of President Carlston

Photo courtesy of President Carlston

With the start of a new semester comes a new interim president at Snow College. President Gary Carlston shared his thoughts and feelings about Snow College and the influence and foundation he has gained by being an alumnus.

When asked about his transfer to Snow College, President Carlston said, “I have a very rich memory of my time here at Snow College…I’m coming back home in a sense, because my roots are here. So much of my own personal history is in Sanpete County and at Snow College.” Carlston expressed his desire to make new memories at Snow and continue the great, reigning heritage that Snow College has.

Carlston, being an alumnus and after serving on the board of trustees, also shared some advice about success and happiness that he felt the students of Snow College should know. He said, “Develop your character and be true to yourself. I see that as a journey, a lifelong journey as we grow and develop and face different situations. I really think that the most successful people in life are those people who are true to whoever they are. Happiness comes if you really enjoy what you are doing and if you know who you are.”

Just like his predecessor, President Wyatt, Carlston expressed his wish for Snow College to flourish and grow in number and in excellent programs. He said, “This is a treasure. It’s a jewel. Some have described it as a secret. It shouldn’t be kept a secret.”

President Carlston described what he thinks are some of the best treasures at Snow College. He said, “Every student counts. I hope that students will say hello to me. I’m going to say hello to them. If there are challenges, let us help you. Take advantage of this great institution and be sure to drop by and say ‘Hi.’”

President Carlston, the new Interim President, visits with Snow College Students. Photo by Shalyn Medeiros

President Carlston, the new Interim President, visits with Snow College Students. Photo by Shalyn Medeiros

He also expressed his gratitude to the faculty and staff of Snow College, “The faculty and staff here really make this work. This whole thing of students feeling important, the personal contact, learning experiences…they deserve the credit, not me.”

One of Carlston’s greatest desires with his new position as interim president is for students to be comfortable. He wants to get to know students and help create lasting memories that will make Snow College a foundation that they can build upon, just like it was for him.

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