New Rodeo Arena

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Photo by Taylor Peterson

Photo by Taylor Peterson

The Snow College rodeo team is excited to announce that they have officially moved from Moroni to Ephraim. The new Snow College arena and stall barn have been set up and are in use by the rodeo team and several other students involved in the equine programs.

Snow College and Ephraim City have teamed together to build this new practice facility for the rodeo team. The arena is used not only for the team to practice in, but the equine classes newly added to the school’s curriculum are also held there.

As the facility grows, Snow College and Ephraim will host other equine and agriculture related events to bring people to the community.

The arena is located on the north end of town behind the tennis courts and baseball fields. The 27 horse stall barn is just across the street from the arena. It is a full sized team roping arena. It currently does not have bucking chutes to hold roughstock practice in, but it is sturdy enough that the school and the city will work to add them in the near future.

Other important additions that will be added to the facility include bleachers for spectators, power hook ups for campers and living quarters horse trailers, overnight stalls for visitors and many other items.

This year the Snow Colleges home rodeo will be held in Salina, being that it is the nearest facility able to handle the number of horses and contestants that are brought to a college rodeo.

Within the next three to five years, Snow would like to have the facility in a condition in which the home rodeo could be held in Ephraim. With the continued support of the school and all supporters this can be possible.

The Snow College rodeo team would like to invite everyone to come and see the facility.

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