The New Science Building Gives a Rejuvenated look to Campus

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The Robert M. and Joyce S. Graham Science Center is the new home to dozens of educational tools that are free for students to use. This building was constructed with the goal, “to inspire science,” as the Dean of Science, Dan Black said.

When interviewed, Dan Black gladly flaunted the building and demonstrated the many displays surrounding it. On the first floor, there is a topographical projection on a sand box. As people move the sand around the box the projection changes along with it. Piling the sand together will create a snow-capped mountain ,whereas digging a hole will create a lake.

Another arrangement still in the works is an interactive art display to be hung in the South Entrance. Along with this, there is an all glass beehive located on the second floor.

There will also be a screen installed on the outside of the building that allows for science videos to be projected. Dan Black said that with the layout of the building, the videos may be able to be projected all day long.

When asked what will happen to the old science building, Black remarked that it will be torn down. This opens the possibility for more new buildings across campus.

The grand opening is on October 11th, but is already open for the community and Snow students. This event will showcase all of the hard work that has been put into making the building a reality.

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