New Science Building

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A noticeable change has hit the Ephraim campus, as the new Science Building has been making significant progress. The new addition is on schedule to be opened in time for the Fall 2017 semester, so many returning students will have the opportunity to experience the brand new facility and the advantages that come along with state of the art equipment.

The building in total will cost up to 23 million dollars, using funds from both the state and private donors.The Science department will be receiving new and updated laboratories and classrooms, which have been in dire need of an update, considering the current science building was built over 50 years ago, back when Snow College had only 700 students enrolled.

When asked about the goal of the new building, Snow College Dean of Science Dan Black said “We want to create a building that speaks science both inside and out, full of interactive displays that teach science, and we want it to be a structure that inspires people to go into science.” Construction has been in progress for over a year, so Ephraim residents and Snow College students alike will be pleased to finally both be able to use these new facilities, and to finally be done with the hassles that construction brings. First year student Tanner Johnson says “I am excited to not only be able to use the new building, but also to finally have full access to all the roads and paths around campus.”

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