New Team, New Field 

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Last year when Snow College made the decision to create an official men’s and women’s soccer team, College administrators recognized the need for a soccer field.

Over the summer, Athletic Director Robert Nielson sought to address this problem. While the best field to play on is located at the sports complex at 300 North 200 East in Ephraim, the field was far from ready.

In order to ready the field for games, it was dug up to add a sprinkler system to allow the grass to properly grow. After this, workers put down seed to re-grow grass in multiple bare places. Along with growing grass, multiple holes were filled throughout the field. After this was completed, white lines were repainted. It was completed by the team’s first preseason game.

Kassidy Barker, a Snow College center defender, said: “I was a little worried about the field. It was pretty rough at the beginning of the summer, but they pulled it off and it looks great now.”

Although the improvements made to the soccer field cannot be credited for both teams’ successes, it has made an impact. The new field has given each player the chance to practice and play a game, while representing Snow College in the best way.

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