North Korea Tries New ‘Cutting Edge’ Missiles

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North Korea successfully tests a new type of “cutting edge ” missile technology. Photo courtesy of

North Korea successfully tests a new type of “cutting-edge” missile technology.
Photo courtesy of

North Korea announced a new missile weeks ago, but on Feb. 7th they finally tested the weapon. North Korea media described it as a “cutting-edge” anti-ship missile.
The test firing took place in the East Sea, and North Korea state media reported that the, “Intelligent rocket precisely sought, tracked and hit the ‘enemy’ ship after taking a safe flight.”
The South Korean Defense ministry noted that five short-range missiles were also fired on Sunday.
The main purpose of the new missiles are to protect and defend North Korean waters. Also to “strongly react to any attempt of the enemy’s fleets of warships for military attack, through close combat or distant combat,” according to North Korea’s state-run KCNA news agency.
North Korean media showed their leader Kim Jong-un with military generals, watching the testing. It showed him satisfied for the “highest level” of rockets being developed in the South Asian country.
With North Korea’s new “cutting-edge” anti-ship missile, some analysts are curious about the new capabilities. It’s seems that the new weapons are based on a Russian design.
We are not sure if the KPN (Korean People’s Navy) received the Russian design via Russia itself, or by a third party; it all still very unclear. It brings worry of increased threat toward South Korea and the U.S Navy vessels in the region.

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