Oil Spill Closes Beach

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Sign Warning beachgoers about oil spill closure. Photo Courtesy of Orangecountyregister.com

If anyone was planning to visit Huntington Beach anytime soon, they might have to change their plans. 

According to the New York post, at least 126,000 gallons of crude oil spilled off the coast in southern California. It has reached to the shores of Huntington Beach and can reportedly shut down the beach for weeks or months. 

Many dead birds and fish have washed ashore in the oil, and many more animals are expected to die. 

Heal the Bay CEO Dr. Shelley Luce said, “we already have reports of dolphins being seen swimming through the oil slick. They can’t get away from it quickly. And now it has reached land.” 

Many endangered species live in the area, including the snowy plover bird. Oil spills can have long lasting effects on the local wildlife. 

The spill also canceled the last day of the annual Pacific Air Show. 

The Pacific Air Show is an event that includes military planes, luxury hospitality, and music festivals. You can learn more on pacificairshow.com. 

This event reportedly has thousands of visitors each year, according to the New York Post. 

The United States Coast Guard has established barriers to prevent oil from spreading. 

The pipelines believed to be responsible for the spill have been shut down. 

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