The Ongoings of The Richfield Campus

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Most Badgers know about the campus in Richfield, but they don’t know much more than that. We can’t forget about them! What has been going on in Richfield?

On November 12, Snow College’s basketball headed to the Richfield campus to play a game versus Impact Academy from Hayward, California. Before the game began, there was a tailgate party held at the Sevier Valley Center.

The first sixty people to arrive got free foam fingers and there was free pizza for any Badger who attended! All Badgers were invited, and the ones from Ephraim were bused to Richfield for the game.

On November 20, Richfield campus will be hosting the game “Are You Smarter than a Professor?”  Five Richfield professors were chosen to participate in the competition, and these professors picked five students to compete against. Math, science, music, and pop culture are just a few of the topics that they will be quizzed on. The winning team gets a free lunch wherever they want.

To help decrease the stress and anxiety of finals week on Richfield  campus, all the students are going to breakfast at The Main Event, a restaurant in town, on December 8. A delicious, free, hot breakfast during finals week, who would turn that down?

Hard at work and still having fun, Richfield has been busy. Keep up the good work, Richfield, and keep us informed!

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