Partying it up at Homecoming

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Snow College Badgers living their best lives at Homecoming dance. Photo Courtesy of Snow College’s Instagram.

It’s been a couple weeks now since the party of the year. Party of the school year that is. Snow’s Homecoming dance was a great way to help kick start the school year and get the student body involved in college life. The dance was held on the practice field on campus. Students lined up to receive their bright glow sticks and dance the night away. 

The dance was held the week of Snow’s football team’s big game. The football team ended up not playing that Saturday because Community Christian College forfeited. Snow’s alumni night was that same Saturday and they continued right on with it honoring past college students. When asked about his thoughts on the dance, Ethan Morgan said, “It was a great way to get to know new people and party hard. It may have had a couple mishaps, I guess Mo Bamba really brings it out of us all. Hopefully the two girls are alright. Other than that it was a great night and great atmosphere.” The mishap? The mosh pit got a little crazy and a couple girls fell down and were stepped on. Other than receiving quite a scare they were alright and the dance continued on. All in all the Homecoming dance had a lot of attendees and students seemed to enjoy themselves. 

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