Police Search For Drugs, Find Chihuahuas

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A house in Ogden was being searched for narcotics when investigators unexpectedly found 29 Chihuahuas.

Because the Chihuahuas had not been allowed outside, they were living in their own feces.  After being rescued, 26 of them were put in an animal shelter on Monday and are expected to be available for adoption sometime this week. The other Chihuahuas were taken to the Ogden Animal Hospital to be treated for numerous injuries.

During the investigation, police also found what they had originally been searching for, 10 pounds of meth.  Many of the Chihuahuas found at the drug house were friendly, but were not used to being around people.

The house was declared “unlivable” by the health department, but has not yet been declared “condemned.”  However, the house could be condemned if the health department finds that meth has seeped into the walls.

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