The Mafatini Miracle Lives on with the Poly Club

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Mckay Alleman, Jazzmyn Mafatini, and Talavou Malietoa Fitisemanu III sporting their Mafatini Miracle t-shirts. Photo Courtesy of Talavou Malietoa Fitisemanu III.

The memory of Mafatini lives on with the actions of the Polynesian Club. With a variety of events they have helped Mafatini return home with his family. President Talavou Malietoa Fitisemanu III said, “I wanted to show the strong sense of community not only at Snow but in Ephraim. To go off what Jennifer Cook said about Badgers Belong, we wanted to show the students and Mafatini’s family that they will always have a support system at Snow through our acts of service and not just our words.” 

The first act was selling t-shirts at the homecoming football game. They had a silhouette of Mafatini on the back with his number on the front.

The second act was doing yard work at the Pickett residence. They started on Saturday morning and finished by the afternoon to continue with the third act.

They had a lunch plate fundraiser that went on until 4 pm.  

These events have raised almost $3,000 and all the proceeds will be going to Mafatini’s family. 

To join in on their next event follow @ohana.74

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