Polynesian Music

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MusicOn Saturday January 10th, 2015, the first of eight Music of Polynesia classes will be held on both the Ephraim and Richfield Campuses of Snow College. Founders Hall in Ephraim will host the class from 9:30 to 11:00 am, and classes in Richfield will start at 1:00 and go until 2:30 pm. The classes will feature music, stories and dance, all from the Polynesian culture. The cost for all eight classes will be 85 dollars, and seniors over 62 will be able to attend for free. For more information, contact Grayson Fox at 435-893-2267, or Kumm Roy Kala Leabigat 435-851-9619. Join us for food, fun, and a celebration of Polynesian music!

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