President Wyatt’s Reaction

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Photo Courtesy of Scott Wyatt.

Photo Courtesy of Scott Wyatt.

Snow College’s President Scott Wyatt has been a member of the Utah House of Representatives, been the county attorney in Cache County, worked as an attorney in private practice, and been president of Snow College. President Wyatt now has the opportunity to be president of Southern Utah University.

When asked about his transfer to SUU and what he will miss about Snow College, President Wyatt said, “If I was to say one thing, my favorite thing about Snow College is the students. I’ve spent a lot of time with students and just had a great, great set of experiences.” He expressed his love for the community and his chance to get to know students better. “I’ve enjoyed teaching class, and spending time with the student leaders, having different groups of international students, everybody.”

President Wyatt has contributed greatly to Snow College and forwarded the movement of education. He claims that he truly will miss being president of Snow College and has loved his time serving as president. “I really loved being a prosecutor, and I really love being here. I love them both. I love them for different reasons. I miss being a county attorney and I’m going to miss being here,” said Wyatt, “That’s what’s great about life. If you miss what you’ve been doing, that means it was a good experience.”

President Wyatt unfolded truths about what attracted him to the position as president of SUU. Just like Snow College, SUU is residential and is in a rural community. They both have small class sizes and individual attention. SUU has both four year degree programs and master degree programs. Wyatt said, “SUU’s campus looks like it is eight to ten times bigger, but the student body is not twice the student body of Snow College.

The night that SUU appointed President Wyatt, a group of students involved in leadership rolls, went out to dinner with President Wyatt and his wife. “What’s neat about SUU is that it’s like a grown-up Snow College. It’s like a bigger Snow College. They have the same feel. The faculty and staff are just so friendly.”

Scott Wyatt will take over SUU’s interim president in January, 2014. He expects to be there before the legislative session at the end of January. Though President Wyatt has had many great and memorable experiences at Snow College, he is just as excited to work with Southern Utah University where he can continue to aid in education. He said, “I’m finally at the point where I am very, very excited about it, but I’m going to really miss this place. I think my identity is here somehow or another. I’ll leave at least part of me here.”

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