Prison Relocation Site Still Undecided

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The Prison Relocation Commission continues to search for a suitable place to relocate the Utah State Prison. In 2014, the Utah Legislature voted to continue debate on the relocation of the facility, which is currently located in Draper, Utah. However, the process has not been easy.

Though many sites have been proposed for relocation, the list has now been narrowed down to just three, including Salt Lake City, Tooele, and near Eagle Mountain.

Many Utah officials have voiced opposition to this project, including officials from South Jordan, Taylorsville, Herriman, West Jordan, Grantsville and Tooele. Patrick Dunlavy, mayor of Tooele, was quoted in the Deseret News saying, “It offends me that some state and local officials want to create economic development opportunities near Draper city at the expense of economic development in Tooele City and the Tooele Valley.”

These city officials aren’t the only ones to voice their opposition. In fact, polls show that the majority of Utahns feel the same way – they think the prison should stay where it is. Most, it seems, are concerned with the costs required to move the prison. Others believe it would hinder the economic development in their area.

Katrina Hill, a Tooele County resident, agrees with this majority who feel the prison should stay in Draper. Speaking to Fox News, she said, “We don’t have the water, we don’t have the resources. There are so many things we cannot provide for a prison and so we will continue to fight.”

Other Utah residents have vowed to do the same thing. Many protests have occurred already, and according to some residents, those protests will continue as the Prison Relocation Commission works to secure a new site.


Audrey Barton is a 21 year old freshman here at Snow College. She was born in Mesa, Arizona, then moved to Manti, Utah when she was 8. She graduated from Manti High School in 2012. She served an LDS mission in Houston, Texas. She likes to read, write, and dance when she has spare time.

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