Professor Bahlmann: Standing Tall in Life and the Classroom

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Professor Bahlmann raving about Chris Evans and his amazing acting abilities playing Captain America. Photo by Manuel Buitrago.

Professor Andrew Bahlmann stands at an imposing height of six foot, seven inches. Despite his height being a notable characteristic of his, he doesn’t like being identified only for that. 

Bahlmann stated that one of his favorite things about being a professor is the little lightbulb moments, when he sees a student have an epiphany on a topic in class and he enjoys it more when the students teach him something.

When asked why he wanted to start teaching, Bahlmann had this to say

“It’s gonna sound cliché for the older people reading this, but I think it started with Dead Poets Society

Bahlmann teaches a multitude of different courses from things as common as English 1010, 1020, and 0980; to Syfi, Gothic Literature, and even Myth and Folklore. 

Bahlmann while enjoying his years as a professor has faced many challenges as professors often do. Grading was noted as something he struggles with, but trying to find a way to connect and engage with students.

“I love giving feedback on student work, but the actual grading itself is not my jam. I constantly struggle to find the right way to engage with my students; what kind of things you can handle and how dated my experience with certain thing is compared to yours”

Professor Bahlmann has seemingly done very well at connecting with students though. As Snow student Jay Johnson said, “As a professor, you couldn’t ask for someone more compassionate or understanding. He works with each and every student to the level that they need, and is genuinely interested in seeing us succeed.”

Bahlmann is also notable for his love of superheroes and most all things pop culture. If you happen to be in one of his classes you may find him having in depth conversations about the newest movie or show that he shares interest in with a student. 

The professor has also managed to inadvertently ease the mental troubles of students by talking about his own mental health struggles and aiding others in finding ways to better their own situations.

“I ran into a student in a shop up north and she told me that talking about my own struggles with mental health helped her to get the help she needed. I don’t make my depression a big part of my instruction, but I was grateful to know I helped her find the courage to take care of herself.”

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