Professor Evaluations for Snow College

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As the semester draws to a close Badgers have the unique opportunity to improve Snow College and leave it better than they found it. Snow College gives students the chance to evaluate their professors, by logging into BadgerWeb and taking the Professor Evaluation. This provides helpful feedback to the staff, allowing them to learn how to improve. This anonymous survey asks Badgers what they liked or didn’t like about their class at the end of the semester. It also asks students if they have any suggestions on how to make the course better, or anything that the professor did well over the course of the semester.
Professors aren’t allowed to view evaluations until after final grades are posted, the students’ identities are also anonymous. This is to provide an environment where students can give honest feedback and professors find out what worked well and what didn’t from the student’s perspective. These evaluations are beneficial to both students and professors. Professor Evaluations are a way to leave Snow better than it was before, log into BadgerWeb today!

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