Puerto Rico Recovery

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Over the past several weeks, the U.S. has been hit by multiple massive hurricanes. Help was sent to both Texas and Florida after Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, respectively, and now Puerto Rico is calling for help. 

After Hurricane Maria swept through Puerto Rico on Wednesday, September 20, Puerto Rico was in dire straits. Unlike Florida and Texas, trucks of supplies cannot be sent over the sea to aid in Puerto Rico’s recovery. Ships have been and continue to be sent, but the full recovery of Puerto Rico is still underway and will be a long, difficult process. 

Right now clean water for Puerto Rico is up sixty percent, but not all citizens are able to get to the clean water. On Monday, October 9, Governor Ricardo Rossello launched an investigation into water distribution to determine how many citizens are in need of water, how to get supplies to them, and how to discern problems with the supplies themselves. 

Some Puerto Ricans have moved to the mainland U.S. because their homes are completely beyond repair. Many of those left in Puerto Rico are without power or adequate methods to get the supplies they need. 

Amidst all the destruction and struggle, helping hands are reaching out to Puerto Rico. Tech companies are working to help get electricity back up and running. Google was given the green light to begin setting up their Loon Project, which will help get emergency cellular data to enable communication across Puerto Rico. The Red Cross has made its own contributions. 

Private citizens are reaching out as well, offering volunteer work to those in need. 

Any Snow College students who would like to contribute or donate to relief efforts in Puerto Rico can visit www.unicefusa.org. 


Snow sophomore Ryan Semadeni donates to the Red Cross hurricane relief effort at the Ephraim Walmart. Walmart paused their annual Primary Children’s Hospital donation drive to collect donations for victims of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. Photo by Andrea Call

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