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One of Snow College’s very own students has had their book published! ‘Quietus’ is a new apocalyptic thriller that sparks interest until the very end. Author J.C. Diaz Rei lets readers embark on an adventure into his gripping tale of a world shattered by humanity. 

‘Quietus’ is a new book by author and Snow College student J.C. Diaz Rei. His book was published in August of 2017 through Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd. It has a five out of five-star rating on Amazon.  

“It begins with a discovery,” says Diaz Rei. ‘Quietus’ has been described as a mystery thriller. In the book, humanity is faced with a freighting reality. The story has an intriguing plot that begs the reader to ask, “What happened to humanity?” The book wastes no time, and the reader is thrown into the plot with all its mysteries right from the beginning. “Unlike other apocalyptic thrillers, this one is focused around a very real foreseeable future,” says Talia Diaz, wife of the author. 

J.C. Diaz Rei got his bachelors degree while living in Orlando, FL. He currently lives in Ephraim and is a student at Snow College. J.C. Diaz Rei loves to write. His passion for writing stems from a need to express his thoughts and ideas. This eventually lead J.C. Diaz Rei to becoming noticed. “I started writing because it became a way for me to vent,” Diaz Rei said. “I got feedback from family members who, [after reading his stories], encouraged me to do something with my writing,” said Diaz Rei. ‘Quietus’ is his first published book. It has taken J.C Diaz roughly three years to finish it. He credits his book to his father, who was a huge inspiration and support from the very beginning. J.C. Diaz expresses his thanks to his wife, Talia Babidge Diaz (also a Snow College student), “I could not have done it without her help,” said Diaz Rei.  

‘Quietus’ is shared on multiple media platforms like: Instagram: @quietusthebook, Twitter: @quietusthebook, and Facebook: www.facebook.com/quietusthebook 

‘Quietus’ can be purchased in a hardback, paperback, or ebook form at the following sites: Amazon, Waterstones, Booktopia, Hive, Bookslopedia, Better Read and Austin Macauley. Links to these sites are on the author’s website | www.quietusthebook.com. Share the good news! 

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Muhammed Al-Abdullah

Muhammed Al-Abdullah

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Muhammed Al-Abdullah

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