Race to Raise Awareness

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Mural Wall by Wellness Center. Photo by Lillian Wade

Students may have recently noticed some inspiring messages written on the sidewalk on the way to classes. This month of September is the National Suicide Prevetion Awareness Month, shining a light on a topic that can be hard to talk about. Here at Snow College, we have Wellness Advocates in the counselor’s office, who have made it their goal to spread suicide awareness not only to the school, but the whole community. They are doing this through a suicide awareness event taking place on September 28 at 5-7.

Amber Jurado, a Wellness Advocate at Snow College, said “Suicide has effected almost everybody in some way or another. Our main goal is to give people hope that there is more.” The Advocates’ goal is declared to spread awareness of mental health and wellness issues, so this month has been a great opportunity to do so. 

Some students here at Snow have seen suicide and understand the importance for awareness in the matter. Braden Johnson, a student at Snow College, had this to say concerning the school’s advocacy for suicidal awareness: “It means a lot that Snow is doing a suicide awareness month because my grandpa attempted suicide a few years back, and it has changed my perspective on the matter. I really appreciate the school for having good resources here for students to seek the help they need.”

Although suicide may not be directly relevant to everyone on campus, the Wellness Advocates are still emphasizing the importance of mental health and reaching out to loved ones in our lives. They are putting on a suicide awareness event this Tuesday, September 28. This event is going to include guest speakers, activities, and an awareness marathon of both one mile and five kilometers to run or walk in tribute to those effected by suicide. The event will be held at the green space behind the business building from 5-7pm. 

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