Raise Awareness: Be the Change TITLE IX

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Snow College students stand next to the flags on the Huntsman Lawn to represent the statistics that one in five females are sexually assaulted during their college careers. Also, one in sixteen males will be sexually assaulted. Photo by April Carver

The message that the Title IX coordinators would like the student body to focus this year’s Sexual Assault Awareness Week on is, “Be the change, stop sexual violence.” 

On Tuesday, September 12th, Sexual Assault Awareness Week officially began and Title IX coordinators, along with Student Life, are working together to make sure it is a success. During the first week of school, they organized a booth at orientation about the services they offer to those who have been sexually assaulted. Their focus has been centered around getting information out for the first three weeks of school, when discrimination, harassment, and violence are most likely to happen. Although Sexual Awareness month occurs in April, schools are encouraged to enable students sooner with the information on how to get help.   

Travis Walker, a coordinator for Title IX, said, “Our goal is to help the person complete school so it doesn’t derail their education.” Title IX coordinators provide personal assistance catered to the student so when they come to them, they are able to control what they want. Whether they want them to conduct an investigation or just be there to aide them, it is a very personal process. They also always follow up with the individual to make sure they continue doing good. Title IX encompasses everybody and is there to help anyone in their time of need.  

This week, a demonstration will be held, many signs will be posted, and even a flag displayed to represent the number of students sexually assaulted each year. The statistics show 1 in 3 to 1 in 5 females and 1 in 16 males are sexually assaulted. The display of flags can be found on the Huntsman lawn and helps put the statistics into perspective. Anyone who wants more information can visit their website at https//www.snow.edu/general/TitleIX.  

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