Red Cross & Battle of the Bands

Food, music, and charity were all found at Canyon View Park on October 13th at 5 p.m., where people gathered to support the American Red Cross in providing disaster relief to the world.  

Snow College students in one of Professor Shaun Kjar’s Introduction to Public Relations classes came up with the idea to do a Battle of the Bands fundraiser for the American Red Cross. The students carried out the planning of the event and saw it through until the end with a lot of hard work. Kjar explained that what had taken nearly six months to complete at another school, “was done in five weeks.” Kjar continued, “The class was broken up into seven distinct committees and each committee had different responsibilities for pre-event, during the event, and post-event.” All of the social media sites, including the Snap Chat filter, were done by students in Kjar’s class. In a press realease for the event, Camille Jefferson, a student at Snow, said, “I’m impressed by what the Red Cross does and how they help everyone around the world.” The students of Kjar’s Public Relations class wanted to raise awareness and donations for the American Red Cross, and they put forth a lot of effort to create an event for that purpose.  

Suzy Thai Foods, Smokin’ Roadside Grill, and the ice cream truck from Ephraim were present at the event. Kjar explained that the committee “suggested a 20% donation of [the food trucks’] profits” to assist the American Red Cross. Along with the good food came the entertainment: Battle of the Bands. Skyline Drive, I-15, The Coop, Taylo, and Aneunhu & Better Musicians all performed in the competition. The winner of Battle of the Bands, Aneunhu & Better Musicians, won something that could be considered better than a trophy: airtime. Kjar said, “The prize is airtime on one of the mid-Utah radio stations. Coverage goes from around the North end of Utah Valley down to about Cedar City.” 

The event was considered a success by Kjar and his students because fun was hard, a winner was crowned, and money was donated to assist in the cause of the American Red Cross.  

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